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 Business Spotlight of the Month 


ERB Systems -Our Home Association Websites  - David Burns

Home owner Websites: ERB systems provides websites and advertising to Home Owner Associations.  The websites are provoked to the associations free of charge as a means to create community in associations and provide a tool that the associations use to communicate activities, events, and important information. The content is easily customizable by the association and can be managed by the association management company.  Our website:  http://www.ourhomeassociation.com/

Businesses affordable ads: Businesses are able to place ads in the websites to alert home and business owners about the products and services they offer. Our methodology keeps your name and business in front of the members as a constant reminder of what services they can find. Additionally the advertisers are able to update their ad information, create links to web pages, you tube videos and more.  All providers are verified before they are permitted to advertise.  Here is an example: http://unet.ourhomeassociation.com/business_details/sp_id/3 

Sales Management Software: ERB Systems also provides additional a Sales Management Software solution to improve customer follow up and contacts. The product AlexNOA is a cloud based software solution designed to help you manage your personnel network and sales leads and past clients.  For more information follow this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QObTNUf4AVw  or visit the webpage at http://alexnoa.com/




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